Fall Prevention

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Fall prevention

Dr. Grace  Walker, Physical and Occupational Therapist, asserts that falling is not a part of aging. However, our risk of falling does increase with age. An older adult is seen in the ER for a fall-related injury every 15 seconds! It is important to take preventative action such as regular exercise and maintaining a healthy diet. The right exercise routine and diet will help to prevent falls. Lack of preventative measures may lead to loss of bone mass, poor muscle tone, and decreased muscle strength and flexibility leading to a greater risk of falling. Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center has an effective and affordable program for patients who are at risk for serious fall injuries and for those who have already fallen.

Fall Proof Your Home:  7 Tips

  • Remove clutter
  • Have a phone on each level of your house with emergency numbers
  • Install a grab bar around the tub and toilet
  • Use nonskid mats inside & outside of your tub
  • Install a hand-held shower head or consider using a seat
  • Use step stools for things out of reach
  • Avoid floor polishes or waxes

These  7 tips to help prevent falls will decrease the likelihood of falling in your home. However, falling can occur anywhere and greater measure need to be taken to prevent falls. Walker PT & Pain Center provides hands on, personalized care for balance therapy. Our team of experts are trained to personalize each program to fit your specific needs.Prevent Falls

Success Story:

“The reason I went to Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center was that I was losing my balance and falling down. My needs were quickly and accurately evaluated. The team, under the direction of Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational therapist, is friendly and very helpful. They remembered my name every time I arrived. The team understands a person’s physical limit and they help each person achieve that limit at each session. The exercises are easily transferred to home. I an now keep my balance. I didn’t think it would be possible!”                               ~William T.

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