6 Things to Avoid if You Suffer From TMJ or Jaw Pain

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Grace Walker, physical & occupational therapist and nutritionist says: “We are physical therapy experts in providing effective TMJ & Jaw pain relief.”

Here is what you should and shouldn’t do if you have jaw pain:

  • DO use hot pack or ice pack before bed
  • DO use chin under fist when yawning or coughing
  • DO use correct posture
  • DON’T chew gum, ice, or tough, crunchy foods like steak
  • DON’T rest your chin/cheek in the palm of your hand when sitting or lying on one side
  • DON’T eat, read, or watch TV in bed
  • DON’T clench your teeth when tense, jogging, or sleeping etc.
  • DON’T lick your teeth with your tongue, bite your nails or lips, lick your lips, or bite or suck your cheeks
  • DON’T talk or sing for prolonged periods of time

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2 Unrelated Conditions Attributed to TMJ Syndrome

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Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, wants you to be aware of the dangers of untreated TMJ syndrome. The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the area that connects the jaw to the rest of the skull. If this joint becomes irritated or inflamed the pain can become unbearable. Due to the location of the joint, once inflammation begins the pain can spread to the mouth, teeth, ears, neck and shoulders.

TMJ disorder is easily aggravated by many daily tasks such as eating, talking and yawning. As a result, anyone who suffers from TMJ syndrome should obtain treatment from an experienced TMJ professional right away.

TMJ disorder is painfully and irritating. If it is not resolved quickly, additional dental issues may arise. Many people who suffer from TMJ disorder show signs of premature wear from grinding or clenching their teeth. This can occur without knowledge or during sleep.

Teeth grinding and clenching can lead to fractured teeth and worn down enamel. Many people who grind tend to favor one side of their jaw over the other which can cause swelling on one side of the face, which can cause unsymmetrical muscle growth over a long period of time. This can give the patient’s jawline an uneven appearance.

While tooth grinding probably does seem like a tangible effect of TMJ disorder, did you know that TMJ disorder can also lead to tinnitus (ringing in the ears) or even permanently compromised hearing? Since the temporomandibular joint is directly under the ears, some TMJ sufferers complain of pain in their ears. Inner ear problems can lead to problems with balance and recurring dizziness (vertigo).

Success Story:

“I had no hope that my TMJ could be helped. I was pleased to find that Walker Physical Therapy had a procedure to address TMJ. I was elated to experience actual relief and improvement after a short course of treatments. Everyone involved has been interested, helpful and pleasant to work with. Thank you to all.”

-C. Law

If you suffer from TMJ syndrome or Jaw Pain, call Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center at (714) 997-5518 to set up and evaluation and begin treatment with our expert physical therapists!


See our blog “Do’s and Don’ts for TMJ and Jaw Pain“!


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Grace Walker Physical Therapist And Fellow AAOMPT

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Grace Walker Physical Therapist And Fellow  of American Academy of Orthopedic Manual Physical Therapy

After completion of her Orthopedic Residency, Grace Walker became an esteemed Fellow of the AAOMPT.

Grace Walker Physical Therapist with family at Glacier National ParkAn accomplished Physical and Occupational Therapist, Grace Walker founded an Orange County, California-based physical therapy and pain center. In her role as director of the facility, she delivers a high standard of outpatient care to individuals impacted by conditions like TMJ (jaw pain), sports injuries, incontinence, and spinal pain. Before establishing her own therapy practice, Grace Walker gained hands-on experience in her field as physical therapist and department head with Cigna Health Plan in Westminster, California. In preparation for her career, she studied at the University of British Columbia School of Rehabilitation Medicine, from which she secured her bachelor of science. Later, she enrolled in an orthopedic residency program in Hayward, California. While there, she authored a thesis titled “An Exploratory Study of Patients with Low Back Pain to Determine Possible Precipitating Factors.” More recently, Dr. Walker studied at the Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions in Provo, Utah. She graduated with two doctorates and later completed a Post-doctoral Fellowship at the Gray Institute. Further, she holds certification as a Clinical Nutritionist and a Clinical Master of Herbology from the Natural Healing Institute of Naturopathy in Encinitas, California. Currently, she is working toward her certifications as Naturopathic Practitioner and Nutritional Chef at the same institute.  A professionally engaged provider, she belongs as member to the American Back Society and the Pelvic Pain Society, among several other organizations.

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TMJ Pain Relief

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Tmj Pain Relief

TMJ Pain Relief


According to Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational therapist , TMJ is as prevalent as it is painful, and unfortunately, a lot of people do not know how to properly handle the pain. Well there’s good news! Here at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, we offer TMJ pain relief treatment programs. Oral surgeons countywide refer their patients here for our innovative and effective treatment for TMJ.

TMJ Symptoms:

  • Jaw pain with chewing or biting into an apple
  • Clicking
  • Inability to open mouth wide
  • Headaches
  • Clenching
  • Pain with prolonged talking or singing
  • Jaw locking in open position
  • Neck pain


TMJ Pain Relief Do’s and Don’ts


1. Learn relaxation techniques to help loosen the jaw and the rest of your body.

2. Have your nutrient levels checked.

3. Relax your facial muscles throughout the day.

4. Drink plenty of water and get ample sleep.

5. Take plenty of vitamins.

6. Apply warm compression on the face for twenty minutes daily.


1. Eat hard and chewy foods like nuts and steak.

2. Chew gum.

3. Make extreme jaw movements such as wide yawning or loud singing.

At Walker Physical Therapy, we have been treating jaw pain (T.M.J., T.M.D) patients for over 20 years.  Our therapists thoroughly evaluate each person to identify if the pain is coming from the jaw joint and to treat the root cause of the pain. We work closely with healthcare providers to create a fast and effective program to help each patient recover.

Success Story:

“I had no hope that my TMJ could be helped.  I was pleased to find that Walker Physical Therapy had a procedure to address TMJ.  I was elated to experience actual relief and improvement after a short course of treatments. My therapist is a miracle worker!  Everyone involved has been interested, helpful and pleasant to work with.  Thank you to all.”                                                                                                         ~Caroline L.

Call for an appointment today for TMJ Pain Relief at (714) 997-5518


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