The ML830 Laser is Effective, Safe, and PROVEN for Muscle and Joint Pain!

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830 ML Laser


From TMJ to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and from Shoulder strains to Knee injuries, muscle and joint pain can seem like an unsolvable and despairing burden. Thankfully, Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist & nutritionist, and her expert physical therapists at Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, as well as their dedicated patients, have discovered the miraculous ML830 Cold Laser for these and many other troublesome conditions. Dr. Chadwick Smith, professor of Orthopedics at USC states, “The ML830 Cold Laser has clearly proven its clinical value treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and has become the industry standard.” At Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, our knowledgeable and caring staff uses the Laser not only for Carpal Tunnel, but for many other injuries and conditions as well.


The ML830 Laser has and has been proven to:

  • Reduce Pain sometimes after just one treatment. Most conditions take between 2-9 treatments to completely alleviate symptoms. Chronic conditions may require more treatment.
  • Reduce Inflammation immediately with most inflammatory conditions. Following instructions to prevent further injury will help prevent the pain from returning.
  • Increase Tissue Healing by sending light (photons) into your injured tissues without being absorbed by the skin, fat, or blood, the 830 Laser stimulates the cells to repair and strengthen at a remarkably fast rate.

Our patients trust the Laser to alleviate and heal their problem pain!

“I cannot believe the excellent results I achieved while being treated at Walker Physical Therapy. I walked into the practice in pain, and after several weeks I could walk without the assistance of a cane! Using the techniques I was taught at Walker Physical Therapy I continue to progress in comfort, and with a minimum amount of pain. They treated me as an individual and genuinely cared about my progress and well-being. I was able to cancel my scheduled total knee replacement surgery! I do not hesitate to recommend Walker Physical Therapy to family and friends.” –Shirley Moretti

Don’t hesitate to call us today and schedule one free treatment with the ML830Laser!


Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center

1111 W. Town & Country Rd., Ste. 1

Orange, CA 92868

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Achilles Tendinitis

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achilles tendinitis

Grace Walker says ” The Achilles tendon connects your calf muscles to the heel bone, and is the largest tendon in the body. It’s an incredibly strong tendon, though it’s not without its weaknesses. Achilles tendinitis is an inflammation of the tendon that is generally caused by overuse and subsequent stress. Although this type of injury isn’t necessarily linked to a specific injury, it may arise out of a sudden change in exercise habits, or from not stretching your calf muscles properly. Occasionally bone spurs can also cause Achilles tendinitis. At Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center, we are experts at treating foot and ankle pains. We commonly see patients with Achilles tendinitis and have come up with a list of do’s and don’ts.

Walker’s Do’s and Don’ts for Achilles Tendinitis:

  • DO wear cushioned shoes with a good base of support.
  • DO use an icepack 30 minutes before bed.
  • DO follow your doctor’s instructions.
  • DON’T wear flip flops, sandals, or shoes with little support.
  • DON’T walk on uneven surfaces.

Call for an appointment now at 714-997-5518 1111 W. Town & Country Rd. Ste. 1, Orange, CA 92868

-Grace Walker, Physical and Occupational Therapist

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