How to Prevent Hamstring Strains

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Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, knows living in the modern world of television, cars and just technology overall, most people spend a good amount of time sitting on their butt! This habit of constantly sitting causes our glutes and hamstrings to become weak and inactive. Even if you are an active person, it is easy to gain imbalances in our muscle groups especially when in come to our quads and hamstrings. Your quadriceps or “quads” are made up of four major muscles located on the front of your thigh which are responsible for hip flexion and knee extension. Your hamstrings are made up of three major muscles on the back of your thigh and are responsible for knee flexion and hip extension.

Most strains are seen in high speed sports like soccer, track, rugby, etc. Even the most trained athletes can have muscular imbalances, though they may feel like their legs are properly trained. If you do have an imbalance with your hamstrings and quads, only a consistent and specific strength-training routine that focuses on the isolation of the hamstrings and glutes can reduce quad dominance. Just a 20% difference in strength between your quads and hamstrings leaves you being 4 times more prone to becoming injured.

Simple Hamstring focused exercises include:

– Bridges ( with or without weight or single leg)

– Romanian Deadlifts

– Swiss ball hamstring curls

At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center we have EXPERT physical therapists who can help you identify any imbalances you may have and how to properly train your body! We provide personalized programs for each patient to provide results that are tailored to your needs in a fun and healing environment. Call Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center to schedule an appointment with an expert and caring physical therapist!

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