Physical Therapy is for athletes too!

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Being a competitive athlete puts a toll on the body. The day-in and day-out demanding physical activity brings sore bodies and painful muscles, but most athletes revert to the mindset of “no pain, no gain”. Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, stands behind physical therapy exercises as a form of pain relief for athletes. The story of Sydney DriggsOrange Coast College’s women’s basketball star, is the perfect example of how physical therapy helps athletes!

Sydney’s perseverance throughout her basketball career is impressive! What some think of as a nightmare is a normal day for the 19-year-old athlete. She experiences sharp pain that can range from her knees up towards her spine from simple day-to-day activities like sitting down and walking. On top of this chronic pain is the ongoing physical demand that a collegiate sport entails! Sydney learned that taking care of her body is top priority to ensure a long and healthy career. She would ice her body after every practice and game, with hours of regular physical therapy, taking steroidal and epidural injections, Sydney managed her pain throughout two herniated disks in her spine! Sydney explains that “I do a lot of physical therapy in the training room which helped me get through the season”. The impact of physical therapy exercises was apparent at the end of her 2018 season. Knowing it was her last year playing basketball, she said that she wanted to “finish off strong, so whether before, during or after games I work with the trainers, whatever keeps me going”. Facing daily pain was one thing, but the mental fortitude she kept throughout her career is inspiring. Despite her injuries, Sydney led her team in scoring and her stat line ranks in the top 5% in the Orange Empire Conference for three-point percentage and scoring. Sydney didn’t let muscle pain stop her from her goals… and you shouldn’t either!

At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, our physical therapists are experts in creating personalized programs to manage any pain you suffer from.

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