You Might Be Suffering from TMD and Not Even Know It!

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Do you know what TMD is? Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, or also known as TMJ disorder, is a common problem that affects 12% of the population. But most people, and even medical professionals, don’t seem to acknowledge the condition. So how many people does it REALLY affect? Good thing that Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, wants you to understand TMJ because you might be suffering from it and not even know it!

Complaints of

  • headaches
  • earaches
  • ear ringing
  • nausea
  • fatigue
  • neck pain
  • numbness and tingling of the hands and fingers

Signs of

  • bite might be off
  • teeth collapsing inward
  • suffer from constant jaw pain
  • teeth aches
  • tires quickly when talking

These symptoms are experienced by a lot of people but sadly their providers rarely realize their jaw is involved in their diagnosis.

There is a “TMJ merry-go-round” of an unending cycle of provider visits that leaves the patient even more confused than before seeking medical help. The sad reality is that physicians aren’t typically experienced in jaw problems, where medicine tends to consider it being a dentist’s domain; but dentists often lack the understanding of the joint because their work is focused more around teeth, not orthopedics. The good news is Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center is experienced and has treated TMJ pain problems for over 20 years!

Physical therapy can help our patients by relaxing their face and neck muscles with manual manipulation, teach everyday exercises to strengthen the supporting muscles, and teach behavior or diet modifications to keep pain away! At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, our expert physical therapists are the perfect provider to help you live pain free from TMD!  

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