How to Text Without Pain

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Text Without Pain Today! Part 1Senior adult woman touching her phone's screen

In today’s day in age, people can’t go a few minutes without checking their cell phone for a new text or the latest email. Whether its texting, scrolling through Facebook, or playing your favorite game app its important to understand how these everyday activities can cause you pain. Hand injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, and other ailments are common for people who use a handheld device often. The amount of prolonged grips, repetitive motion on small buttons, and awkward wrist movements add up over time and wear on your body.

Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, understands that most of her patients use handheld electronics for hours on end throughout their day and she wants to ensure they know how to stay pain free!  Technology is getting more advanced and the amount of features a cell phone can provide creates a bad cycle of heavy, extended device usage. As time goes on, more of the population could suffer from hand pain due to these advancements!

Tips to Remember!

  • If people have pain while using handheld electronics, they should stop. Pain is one of the ways the body lets people know they are overextending a particular muscle group.
  • Use a neutral grip when holding the device. A neutral grip is when the wrist is straight. It will allow for more ability for the wrist to move.
  • Take a break every few minutes or switch to another activity. Overuse of repetitive motions cans cause tendonitis of the elbow or lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • If possible, people should place pillows in their laps and rest arms on pillows or use a device that is supported on a desk or tabletop. This will allow people to keep their head in an upright position and decrease neck strain. Using a pillow or desk also helps support the arms so they don’t have to be help up in the air.


Technology isn’t going to stop advancing, and neither are we! At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center our Hand Therapy program has helped patients for over 20 years! Don’t forget to stay tuned for more tips in our next post! 

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