Grace Walker Physical Therapist is an advocate of the FDA approved ML830 laser

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laserPicA certified physical therapist and nutritionist, Dr. Grace Walker is also a registered occupational therapist. Dr. Grace Walker offers care through the Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center in Orange, California. As the owner and principal therapist, she provides treatment for outpatient disorders, such as joint pains, and rehabilitation for sports injuries. The Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center utilizes advanced technologies to care for tendonitis, back pain, arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, and bursitis.

Among the equipment available to treat joint pains is the ML830 laser. Approved by the Food and Drug Administration,

the ML830 is a cold laser that repairs injured tissues by sending photons of light directly to the affected area.

The light penetrates two inches into the body without affecting blood, fat, or skin. It then stimulates cells to encourage rapid repair of tissues. Following a treatment with the ML830 laser, patients generally notice less inflammation and pain. At the same time, tissues become stronger, and with proper preventive measures, a person can keep pain from returning.

For an appointment with an expert physical therapist call Walker physical Therapy and pain Center at 714-997-5518. Located in Orange, Ca.Try our revolutionary pain relief treatment


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