Four Common Sports Injuries and How We Treat Them

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Professional athletes aren’t the only people who suffer from exercise injuries, everyone does! Actually, the most susceptible people to exercise injuries are people who have just started exercising or people who play sports at a recreational level. Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, wants you to be aware of these injuries:

  1. Sprains: A sprain is caused when the ligament that connects a bone to another bone is stretched or torn. Falling or a blow to the body that knocks a joint out of position are typical ways a sprain occurs. The most common sprains occur at the ankle, knee or wrist.
  2. Strains: A strain is caused when a muscle or tendon is pulled, torn, or twisted. Overstretching during physical activity is a common way a strain occurs. Muscle spasms are considered a muscle strain too! The most common strains occur at the black and neck.
  3. Knee pain: According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the knee is the most common injured joint of the body. Common knee pain is result of knee tendonitis or iliotibial band syndrome. More severe knee injuries include bone bruises and damage to the cartilage and ligaments.
  4. Shin splints: Shin splints are caused when the tendon along the bottom of your food is inflamed and causes pain along the front side of your shinShin splints are common among runners. Common reasons for shin splints are poor alignment of the body, weakness in leg muscles, or poor arch support in your shoes.

Regardless of what you’re suffering from, we can use physical therapy programs to treat many orthopedic and repetitive motion injuries without the need of surgery! On top of proper training, strengthening and stretching to prevent injuries, physical therapy programs can teach you supplemental exercises to treat your symptoms. At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, our expert physical therapists will develop specific exercise programs to treat your sport injury.

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