Dr. Grace Walker’s Holiday Safety Tips

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Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center wants to make sure you have a fun and safe holiday season!

Some Shopping and Decorating Tips from Dr. Grace Walker, Physical & Occupational Therapist and Nutritionist:

  • Distribute the weight of shopping bags equally on both sides of your body.
  • Consider using a fanny pack or small back pack.
  • Wear comfortable shoes; carrying packages while wearing high heels on hard surfaces can contribute to foot and ankle injuries.
  • Don’t lug overstuffed shopping bags for extended periods.
  • Test an object’s weight before you lift it by pushing with your foot
  • If an object is too heavy for you to lift, then ask someone for help
  • Wrap presents on a table instead of bent over on the floor; being hunched over for long periods of time can lead to low back pain 


  • DO use ice 20-30 minutes before bed.
  • DO pull your belly button into your spine (iso-abs) and breathe.
  • DO consult your physician and Walker Physical Therapy if your condition is long lasting or gets worse.
  • DON’T twist while holding something in your arms.
  • DON’T bend at the waist, squat in instead.
  • DON’T hold your breath while exerting force.

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