Research says Physical Therapy is Vital to Recovering!

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Dr. Grace Walker, physical & occupational therapist and nutritionist agrees with author Darice Britt from South University who states that rehabilitation of an injured athlete should be carefully evaluated and monitored on a daily basis.

Physical therapists carefully examine the injured athlete to determine whether there are weak or inflexible muscles in the body that could cause future injury. They are trained to target specific joints and muscles in the body through exercise, manual therapy, and pressure point release techniques that help rebuild strength and movement of the body after injury.

Since injuries are time-dependent, the normal healing process follows a pattern of acute phase, subacute phase, and chronic phase.

“Each phase dictates a different treatment approach and it is the physical therapist’s responsibility to accurately diagnose which phase and what treatment the patient should receive”  Says Apostolos Theophilou, DPT, clinical coordinator of the Physical Therapist Assisting program at South University

Theophilou also says:

“Through the years, therapists have been successfully able to log the ‘steps’ for each phase, thus now we have collective treatment protocols that have a complete analysis of what activities and treatments the athlete should be receiving based on his current phase”

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Grace Walker Physical therapist looks at expert speakers at upcoming APTA conference.

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Dr. Grace Walker, the director of Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, treats patients for spinal pain, sports injuries, and balance conditions as a physical therapist. Dr. Grace Walker also has expertise as an occupational therapist, helping individuals cope with neck and back pain and as a nutritionist. In order to offer the best care possible, she stays actively involved with the American Physical Therapy Association.

National PT Month 2015 Logo - Blue

At the beginning of each year, the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) holds its Combined Sections Meeting. In 2015, the association held the meeting in Indianapolis. The program consisted of sessions on business management, interventional pain medicine, sports injury treatments, and research. Professionals with backgrounds ranging from acute care to physical therapy gave topical presentations over the course of four days. Continuing education units (CEUs) were awarded for courses completed and for attendance at the Combined Sections Meeting.

The APTA looks to offer the same level of informative sessions and expert speakers at its 2016 meeting in California, which takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center and two supplemental sites at the Anaheim Hilton and the Anaheim Marriot. The forum commences on February 17th and continues through the 20th.

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