5 Reasons Why Outpatient Surgery Could Be for You

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With hip and knee replacement surgeries becoming more technologically advanced, our care after these procedures have come a long way. People think that a joint replacement means lying in a hospital for weeks on end… that’s not the case anymore. With outpatient surgery most patients are home and up and walking around in a few days! Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, wants you to know the advantages of outpatient surgery (if your doctor thinks you are a good candidate):

  1. Less Pain – Don’t worry about self-administered medications or IV pain killers! Outpatient surgery normally uses a long-lasting local anesthetic spinal injection that helps to control your pain up to two days afterwards.
  2. Fewer transfusions – Patients are less likely to need a blood transfusion in an outpatient procedure due to advanced surgical technique and better patient optimization.
  3. Lower infection risk – Hospitals are full of people who are sick, with outpatient surgery you lower the chances of infection in your surgery site.
  4. Better recovery at home – Not having to stay in the hospital means you can heal in the comfort of your own home! It’s known that recovery is better in a familiar environment and in a place where you are more likely to get a good night’s sleep.
  5. Fast, more aggressive physical therapy – After surgery, you are working with a physical therapist the day of your surgery or within a day of you returning home. Your therapist will show you exercises to regain full function in your “new” joint.


You would be surprised the difference outpatient surgery has on the recovery time! Outpatient surgery is only good for certain patients and their situations. If you are motivated, mobile (independent), healthy, and have a good support group to assist you… outpatient surgery might be for you! At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, our expert physical therapists will help you recover from your outpatient surgery! Our personalized programs will get you back to moving freely after your joint replacement.


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