5 Back Pain Success Stories

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  “I came to Grace Walker Physical Therapist for an old back injury.  Before I came in, I had a problem with pain and losing strength during short periods of standing or walking.  I was also getting sharp shooting pains in my legs and feet.

Since I began physical therapy, I have noticed an increase in the amount of time I can walk or stand before losing strength and pain setting in.  I now have more flexibility and the frequency of shooting pain has decreased.”                                                                                                           – David A.

”When I first came to Walker Physical Therapy, I had a lot of upper and lower back pain.  After a couple of visits I felt a lot better.  My lower back pain went away soon after I started the sessions and my upper back pain went away soon after that.  The therapists were always there to help me with my exercises until the pain was gone.  I had a very good experience at Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center”                                                                   – Brenda C.

Family; back pain

“The treatment I received at Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center was wonderful! I was given so much attention and time and I never felt like I was being rushed through anything. Everyone explained the exercises thoroughly and made sure I was executing them correctly. I don’t have any pain in my back anymore and I am really starting to get some strength back. When I first came in for treatment, my back hurt to sit and stand. Now I have full mobility back again. I would definitely recommend my friends and family to come here for treatment.”                                             – Camilla K.

“I had a very good experience. The treatment significantly helped my back problem. I started with daily back pain, but I only have pain occasionally. The lower abdominal strengthening has really helped.”                                                                                                            – William O.

“I came to Walker Physical Therapy with extreme lower back pain at a 8-9 pain level. I was on pain medicine all the time.

My first time coming in, I was greeted with a friendly smile. I was taken into the therapy area in a timely manner. The therapists were so helpful, friendly, comforting and worked with me gently.the 830 laser for pain and inflammation was so effective.

Now this is my last day and I am no longer in pain medications, I have strategies to keep my back strong, and exercises to continue. I am so grateful to everyone here that had a part in making me better. Thank you. Grace Walker Physical Therapist,from the bottom of my heart.”                                                                               – Katie-Joy A.

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