The 3 Grades of Ankle Sprains

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Dr. Grace Walker, occupational and physical therapist and nutritionist, wants to inform you on the three different grades or severities of ankle sprains. Spraining your ankle can be really scary and at first you may be unsure of how badly you’ve damaged the ligaments in your ankle.

The three grades of ankle sprains are:

– Grade 1: A light or mild sprain consists of a slight overstretching of the ligaments that may result in micro-tears. This type of sprain results in mild swelling and discomfort or soreness.

– Grade 2: This moderate sprain will have your ankle swollen and bruised with tenderness to the touch. At this level partial but not full tears of your ligaments have occurred.

– Grade 3: This severe injury occurs when the ligament(s) have completely torn and result in severe swelling, bruising and tenderness. Surgery may be required.

The best immediate care for ankle sprains is to follow the RICE protocol:

Rest, Ice, Compress, and Elevate

Icing should be done no more than 15-20 minutes at a time 3-4 times a day. Ankle should then be wrapped in an ace wrap (not too tight) for compression and then elevated above your heart to reduce swelling. If the sprain worse than a slight injury and is swollen and painful when walking, an xray may need to be taken to ensure that no bones have been fractured.

To regain full range of motion and function back in your ankle as quickly as possible physical therapy is highly recommended and sometimes necessary to return to daily living.

At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, we develop specific exercise and stretching programs for specific patients, along with a variety of specialized treatments to reduce pain and regain range of motion and strength. We come up with personalized programs for each patient to provide results that are tailored to your needs in a fun and healing environment. Call Walker Physical Therapy & Pain Center to schedule an appointment with an expert and caring physical therapist!

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