Pain and stiffness in your shoulder? It may be frozen!

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When we say frozen, it’s not a reference to the cold weather but a possible diagnosis for your shoulder pain! Have you felt a decrease in the ability to use your arm or shoulder, leading to pain that limits your tolerance to lift your arm or reach behind your back? Other than a rotator cuff tear or severe arthritis, these symptoms yell out frozen shoulder (or the medical term is adhesive capsulitis)!


Frozen shoulder is the loss of ability to reach your arms overhead, reach behind your back, lift objects, throw a ball, as well as, other daily activities that you never thought use your shoulder and arms. What you’re experiencing is the strong connective tissue inside your shoulder joint, which connects your arm to the shoulder socket, becoming very tight. This tension doesn’t allow the ball of your shoulder to move in the socket freely. If you suffer from these symptoms, Dr. Grace Walker, physical and occupational therapist and nutritionist, want you to know there are three things you can do:


  1. Have a professional provide joint mobilizations to stretch the joint capsule so that the ball of the shoulder can move more readily.
  2. Have a professional stretch your arm and shoulder properly to stretch the supporting muscles in the arm, shoulder blades, and shoulders. These muscles typically become tense and shorten due to the lack of activity they experience from frozen shoulder.
  3. Have a professional show you the correct strengthening exercises to restore strength to the shoulder and its supporting muscles.


At Walker Physical Therapy and Pain Center, our expert physical therapists are experienced in frozen shoulder. Our professional and caring staff will teach you how to relieve the pain you’re suffering from. We will develop a specialized program to get your shoulder warm and ready for your active life!


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